Workplace Health & Safety

Norship is a trusted marine solutions provider in Australia and we acknowledge that our people are our most valuable asset. Central to our business culture is the understanding that a safe and healthy workforce builds business success.

At Norship we believe that no task is so urgent or important that our employees cannot take the time to perform it safely.

Our approach to managing safety is to focus on our people and the workplace to ensure they return home each day, in the same condition in which they came. Norship offers a safe and secure environment for all stakeholders, is compliant and understands and manages risk.

Our goal is to maintain a zero harm philosophy throughout all levels of the business and across all of our activities.

We understand that leadership commitment is vital, if we are to promote safe behaviours and continue to improve our safety performance. Norship has a Safety Management System that supports our people and our values.

Norship’s Safety Management System is integrated into the Norship Integrated Management System and Norship is committed to promoting safety awareness and accountability among our employees and contractors.

Norship Safety Management System is certified to AS4801: 2000