Our Services

Norship Marine Cairns offers a mature and comprehensive maritime support capability for vessels up to 400 tonnes.

With over 600 dockings per year, Norship Marine not only offers efficient dockyard capability, it also offers enhanced In Service Support, Maintenance, Engineering & Supply Support capabilities.

Norship Marine is Australia’s pre-eminent small ship refit, maintenance and repair company providing maritime vessel refit, repair, maintenance, engineering and trade services to our valued customers across Northern Australia and the South Pacific.

Norship operates 4 shipyards in Northern Australia supporting Commercial, Fishing, Defence, Border Force, Tourism, Luxury & Private Maritime elements.

Norship Marine provides the full suite of maritime repair and maintenance services from Asset and Project Management through to Trades and Labour services. This is backed by Norships extensive experience and expertise from more than 30 year delivering maritime repair and maintenance services to:

  • Northern Australia Trawler Fishing Fleet
  • Northern Australia Reef Tourism Fleet
  • Northern Australia Line Fishing Fleet
  • Coastal shipping, Barge & Commercial Shipping Operators
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Australian Border Force
  • Pacific Island Nation Maritime Surveillance Vessels
  • Private and Charter Luxury Yachts
  • State Government Vessels
Repair & Maintenance Management

Norship has provided repair and maintenance services to its valued clients for more than 30 years.

Norship had delivered these services to Commercial Fishing, Tourism, Coastal Shipping, Defence, Australian Border Force, Pacific Island Nations, State Government, Luxury Yacht and Private vessel operators.

Norship have established a highly experienced team that have a long history in maritime refit, repair and maintenance, ship building and heavy industry.

Our management team lead from the front and foster inclusiveness with safety and worker wellbeing at its core. Norship has managed a multitude of complex high intensity refit, repair and maintenance projects that have been completed on time and on budget.

Examples of the multitude of projects have included:

  • Over 10 years of extensive refits, repairs and maintenance and survey dockings of Border Force Bay Class Cutters
  • Over 5 years of Third Refit “Life of Extension Type” on Pacific Patrol Boats for Pacific Island nations.
  • Over 5 years of high intensity Maintenance Activity periods for the Royal Australian Navy Armidale Class Patrol Boats
  • Over 20 years of Fishing Fleet vessel maintenance periods in condensed timeframes
  • Over 15 years of servicing tourism operators, from emergent dockings to complete life extension refits
  • High quality Super Yacht and White Boat refits
  • Extensive refits and survey dockings on Pilot vessels, Police vessels, Ports work boats, Tugs, Barges, offshore oil and gas platforms, dredgers, private vessels and charter vessels.
In Service Support

Norship is a proud In Service Support Prime Contractor for the Pacific Patrol Boat Program to the Capability and Sustainment Group (CASG) Department of Defence.

Norship has established an efficient and transparent partnership with CASG and the Pacific Island Countries in the delivery of this long running strategically important program.

Norship has a long history of providing support services to In Service Support programs such as the Australian Border Force Bay Class Patrol Boats, Royal Australian Navy Armidale Class Patrol Boats, Australian Border Force Cape Class Cutters and of course the Pacific Patrol Boat program.

Warehousing & Logistics

Norship has extensive warehousing and logistics capability.

Norship currently supports all of the procurement, warehousing and logistics requirements for the Pacific Patrol Boat program which entails all of the purchasing and logistical requirements to maintain 22 patrol boats and their supporting infrastructure including depots and housing across 13 Pacific Island Countries.

Norship has a large warehousing and logistics centre at 11 Liberty St Portsmith Cairns where Norship services it clients with procurement, warehousing, logistics and rotable items management.

Norships procurement, warehouse and logistics team are highly experienced in all warehousing, rotable pools, procurement, logistics and distribution aspects.

Off Site Services

Norship offers its valued customers the benefits of off site delivery of service ensuring timeliness and consistency with their needs.
Our team of experienced tradesmen can assist you with your on-site maintenance and upcoming project requirements.

  • Boilermaker Welder
  • Fitting
  • Electrical & Electronics