About Norship 

Norship is a diversified business offering services across Manufacturing, Engineering and Maritime sectors.


  • Norship Marine offers the full spectrum of Shipyard and ‘Through Life Asset Management Services’. From concept, design, prototype, construction, and maintenance support through to docking, emergent repairs, complete refits, and disposals.
  • Norship Manufacturing is a successful advanced manufacturing, reconditioning and service centre. From overhauling and rebuilding engines, drivelines and propulsion systems to CNC precision machining, dynamic balancing and dynamometer tuning services.
  • Norship Engineering offers design, certification, 3D CAD/CAM, drafting and survey/ inspection services  

Key Customers.

Norship provide support and services across the defence, mining, oil and gas, transport, power generation, and agricultural industries across Northern Australia and the Pacific Island Nations. 

  • Australian and Pacific Nations Border, Defence and Paramilitary Forces
  • Port Authorities, Police, Pilots, Australian Fisheries
  • The fishing Industry, including the largest operators such as Austral Fisheries
  • Tourism operators, including the largest operators such as the Quicksilver Group
  • Mining, Oil and Gas across Australia and the Pacific, including large remote operations such as Lihir and Pogera Mines in PNG
  • Commercial Shipping, including the largest operators such as Sea Swift
  • OEM suppliers of engines. Including Hastings & Penske.
  • Quarries and Mines
  • Agribusiness