Norship Marine Services

Boat Re-fitting, Dry Dock, Shipyard, Engineering

Haulout and Hardstand

  • Haulout Capacity: 60m length; 10.8m beam; 400 tonne
  • Hardstand storage of vessels
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Water reticulation
  • Wharfage
  • Cranage
  • EWP
  • Other services may be hired in as requested



  • Hull repair, tank integrity testing
  • Fabrication of aluminium, steel and stainless steel
  • DNV qualified welders


  • Electrical installations and alterations
  • Testing of all electrical systems
  • Overhaul of motors, pumps, generators
  • Electronics repairs and installations


Surface Coatings

  • Specializing in all marine surface protective coatings
  • Enclosed Paint/ Blast facility for vessels up to 27m length
  • Enclosed blasting chamber for small components



  • Overhaul and repair of all marine mechanical components
  • Engine Changeouts
  • Shaft alignment
  • White metal bearings
  • Line Boring
  • Engine alignment